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  • I am an "AFRIQIYAH AIRWAYS" passenger waiting for refund!

    All AFRIQIYAH AIRWAYS refunds are still awaited for since the situation of war in Libya initiated. The accounts of the airline had been frozen last year. No transaction is possible between travel agents and airline for this reason. There has been hope while talking to a senior airline official during our New Year gathering. Passenger should bear in mind that the money lies with Afriqiyah Airways since agents pay them in advance to issue tickets. Such refunds will be paid back through agents by the airline as well. Do keep an eye on news when the U.N and U.K govt. un-freeze the airline's accounts and get in touch with your travel agent.

  • Is a DIRECT flight always NON-STOP?

    No. direct and Non-Stop flights are 2 different types. A non-stop flight does not touchdown for any reason. A direct cheap flight to Africa might touchdown for any of a number of reasons, such as refueling, crew change. For instance from London on direct flights to Africa, there may be one or more touchdowns, at times it shows in your itinerary/eticket, usually it may not show. Even though it is rare, but passengers should bear in mind that they be asked to change aircraft, or even pass through immigration.

  • What is an e-ticket?

    An e-ticket is an electronic ticket. It holds complete information as it used to show on paper tickets in past, but now it is accessed by airlines through its online systems where all passenger information is readily available and can be checked and verified by airlines at any computer terminal. After issuance of e-ticket, the passengers just need to print it out. It contains the names and itinerary alongwith the reservation reference numbers for all passengers. All that a passenger needs to do is go to the airline check-in desk at the airport on the day of departure at least 3 hours before flight time.

  • What is an open jaw?

    Open jaw is terminology used when a passenger flies out from/to one airport but returns from/to a different airport. For example London - Johannesburg / Cape town - London, Manchester - Harare / Bulawayo - Manchester, London - Durban / Johannesburg - Manchester.

  • Is there a booking fee for over the phone bookings?

    The online price is what you pay, subject to availability. There is no additional charge, if such a charge is applicable, it will be communicated with the price.

  • I want to book a flight for someone else using my card!

    In cases where the person paying for the flight is not one of the travelers, it is called a third party payment. This mode of payment is only accepted subject to provision and fullmient of documents and requirements as follows:

    1. both sides of Credit/Debit card as colored scanned copies through email
    2. Cardholder's Passport scan
    3. Passenger's Passport scan
    4. The transaction's Authorisation code verified by cardholder through his/her card issuer/ bank and must be communicated to us
    5. Signed authorization letter by Cardholder to authorize the transaction on his/her credit/debit card
    6. Additional administrative fee of £ 20 will be applicable for such third party payments.

  • Can I change the name on a ticket?

    Due to increased security concerns over the past decade, there is no airline that allows change of name as that represents an identity change for a ticket.

  • Mistake/Error in NAME on the ticket as compared to name on passport

    Mistakes in the name can be communicated to airline if passengers find out about such mistakes and inform the travel agent and give their personal information as passport number, DATE OF BIRTH, nationality etc for onward submission to airline. Check-in personnel.

  • Can a 12 year old fly alone on an airline, how much will (s)he pay?

    Yes, a 12 year old can fly alone. You have to pay adult fare and additional unaccompanied minor fee and will need to fill in documentation/information for onward submission to airline. Different airlines have different policies regarding the additional charges for un-accompanied minors, ask your travel agent for the amounts as they vary.

  • Can I book with a deposit and pay in full later?

    If your travel date is 4 months away from the date of booking, you can booking each passenger on a flight against a deposit. The amount of the deposit will be advised at the time of booking. The full balance would then be payable by the due date advised by your travel agent, or 10 weeks before departure date - whichever is earlier.

  • What if my middle name is not on my ticket?

    Passengers are responsible to give their name(s) exactly as it appears on the passport. Their passport is the documents which shows their identity and enables check-in and airline officials that it is the right person travelling on the right ticket.

    Some airlines have a compulsory requirement of middle-names. Most airlines do not usually require the middle-name.

  • Is my personal information safe?

    Data protection Act secures and limits your personal information's use. It shall not be disseminated by any means to any entity - private or public - with a marketing intention except only for our own special offers.

  • Can I use only the return part of my ticket?

    Passengers can not use only the return part of the ticket. If you miss, cancel or no show on your departure flight, the ticket becomes useless in case it is a non-changeable ticket. If it is a changeable ticket, you can pay fees and fare differences for the changes to re-issue your ticket for new dates.

    At the time of purchase, passengers should confirm it themselves whether it is a changeable ticket or not, because cheap prices/fares come with extremely restricted policies/conditions.

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